Preparing To Move: Four Uses For Stretch Wrap

If you are getting ready to move, you are probably looking for moving and packing materials you can use to get your items ready for the big day. In addition to moving boxes, you may want to consider purchasing plenty of heavy-duty plastic wrap. This sturdy packing supply can help you get ready to move in a number of ways, and it can sometimes be purchased from your local moving company. Use this guide to see how bubble wrap can work for you:

Secure Moving Blankets In Place

Moving blankets provide cushion and protection for your furniture, but they don't tend to stay in place on their own. Wrapping your furniture in plastic wrap after you've laid the moving blankets down can help to keep the blankets in place while adding another layer of protection to your items. You can also use plastic wrap to secure foam padding and other cushioned materials in place.

Pack Dresser Drawers

You don't have to empty out every drawer in your dresser as you begin to pack for your move. Take each drawer out, with the contents still inside, and wrap the drawers in plastic wrap. Once the drawers are sufficiently wrapped, place them back in the dresser. Proceed to use a moving blanket and plastic wrap to secure the dresser for moving. When your dresser arrives at your new home, you simply need to unwrap it; no unpacking needed.

Roll Rugs And Carpets

If you have large area rugs or remnant carpets you'll be moving, consider using plastic wrap to secure them for the move. Once you roll each rug, apply a strip of plastic wrap on each end of the roll. This will help to keep the rug neatly packaged for moving. For longer rugs, add more plastic wrap to the center for reinforcement, You may also want to cover the ends of the rugs with plastic wrap to keep dirt and dust away from the pile.

Small Item Bundles

Plastic wrap is also great for bundling together smaller items that would otherwise get jostled inside of a box. For example, you can use plastic wrap to bundle together forks, spoons, and knives, or you can use it to create bundles of lipstick or mascara. The bundles still need to go in boxes, but the plastic wrap helps to make everything easy to find when you are ready to unpack.

Plastic wrap comes in a variety of sizes. Consider purchasing large rolls for your furniture and smaller rolls to handle things like silverware and rugs. Ask your moving company for other ways to prepare for your move, and ask if it offers plastic wrap for sale.